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Uses: One component elastomeric waterproof hydrophobic polyurethane. UV resistance, elongation (DIN)=450% and (ASTM) > 850%. Used for horizontal surfaces, roofs, balconies, baths, basements, but it is not recommended for water tanks and swimming pools.

Application: Treat concrete surface by Vimaplan putty, also cut, prime and seal cracks using PU. Clean (avoid water), dry to <4% humidity, prime porous concrete surfaces by Desmolast Primer PU, (for wet surfaces, use water base epoxy primer Desmolast primer Aqua 2k or apply one coat of flexible cementitious coating Waterblock ST). After primer has dried (4-12h and before 20h), apply first coat of PU diluted with (0-10%) Xylene by using a brush or roller, apply mesh (2.5mm) when wet, after it dries (6-24h and before 36h) apply second coat without dilution, then third coat.

Package: 25kg, 6kg White.

Mixing Ratio: up to 10% by weight Xylene for the first coat.

Yield: 1.0-1.4 kg/m2 per 2coats or 1.5-2.1 kg/m2 per 3coats+mesh 2.5mm

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